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Golden Escape (2022)


A small film scriptwriter found a treasure map among his grandfather’s belongings by accident, and the location of the treasure is underneath the prison in Chilang Bay. In order to change his fate, Ah Zheng enters prison with a detailed plan and knowingly breaks the law to serve his sentence, hoping to get 20 million dollars worth of gold bars by himself and then get out. At prison, he is able to trick the authorities but not the prisoners. On one hand, he is oppressed by prison bully “Big Biao”. On the other hand, he has the help of the righteous “Xie”. When the plan to get the gold is accidentally leaked, the three plan a “breakout” in an attempt to transport the treasure out of prison.

Also known as: Huang Jin Da Tao Yu 黃金大逃獄


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:


Starring: , ,

Golden Escape (2022) full episodes

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